My game demo : ExM

Download the demo: Now available
There are some bugs, but it is rare case. If you found bugs please report to me.



It was the first original game and i have never create a game like this before.
Of course it’s not perfect if it is not have feedback or bug reports, sure you can criticism my project. I would be appreciated.

My demo would never completed without them.
And All program who create amazing plugins.

Thanks you.



A story happen in a wasteland full of white sand and radioactive contamination. However. The life still goes on in this abandon world. People still try to find a way to bring a nature back to there place.

Well, a demo still use default graphic.



Xeden. The last green city. And the World renovation project. The story happen in this perfect city full of social segregation. And the mission to put the end to World renovation project exploitation.

Not happening in this demo…





RPG maker MV with Action battle system – powered by Quxios.
Character changing – Change your player character to match your playstyle or the situation. With their unique skill.



Cute heroine!… or sometimes maybe scary.
Exelia is an android. She was build for bring the end to the wars in the past. She is good in either close combat or long range battle and also with high accuracy aiming. however, has been build in almost like human. She has a fragile body compare to other and she has some hidden ability that even she’s can not remember.

Images for More picture of Exelia.

A Warrior who never disobey her master.
Liviera is a Alloy. Build by a purpose to win a wars in the past. She has a special metal body and high mobility. her weapon can generate a heat to incinerate her enemy to ash. Livieria will always doing what Artemisia tell her to do first.

Images for More picture of Livieria.

Artemisia(Elisia Escalotte)
The first Cyborg.
Artemisia is the first and last human that have cyborg body. With a speed that above human level. No one can touch her. She also have high processor system to let her fight precisely in her super speed. Artemisia is a leader in this operation.

Images for More picture of Artemisia.



Mog Hunter